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Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Pearl is a woman's best friend. Don't you think!

Find who makes these beautiful pearls

Think about, JLO as in the ring and more.

The Best, Tastiest and Yummiest Cakes for your Prom & Wedding Ceremonies

If you taste one of these cakes, that is all you will ever want to eat. I am talking about experience. I was invited to one of husband's friends' wedding in Utah. I had the opportunity of tasting a cake that looks like the second one on this list. Each time this friend is coming to California, I tell her to order some for me. makes the best cake. I don't know about you. I bake too. When something is good, I can tell. They have the best cakes around. If you are in the Utah area, go ahead and check them out. Tell them I sent you. They won't have anything to pay me. It's only a matter of word of mouth.

Prom Dresses, Evening Gowns and Pearls at

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A huge applause for JLO's Creations: JLO is a Full Package!

Jennifer Lopez made her US fans salivate for her new line of clothing. She opened a specialized, sophisticated, upscale boutique in Russia. She kept her arrangement this way until she decides to open a boutique in Chicago. Otherwise, if anybody wanted to wear the great, beautiful designs that bear her name, they would have to go to Here's a sample of the signer-actress turned designer's collection. My girlfriends and I went nuts over some of these pants. Now guess who is laughing all the way to the bank? Jennifer designed for the sophisticated young woman. If her backside was the butt of most jokes, now look at where she is in her life. She is married to a new man and progressing quite well.

JLO's Hat Collection is Hot: I like the Natural Glamour Fedora

Bridal Accessories: Feel Like A Woman Today! Take Control of your fashion!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Zac Posen's Creation

Go Texas! We are with you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Creed and Love: What you need to get as part of the Wedding Shopping Spree!

Shoes That Fit The Occasion

Get access to a large variety of footwear at Allmanoloshoes Shop

The little black dress. Black is in for this Fall season.

Shopping for the right Wedding and Honeymoon wear. Feeling comfortable on your wedding day should be primordial.

Sunday, August 21, 2005 Kinky

A Case of Lone Star by Kinky

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch by Kinky Friedman

Prisoner of Vandam Street by Kinky Friedman.

'Scuse Me: While I Whip This Out by Kinky Friedman.

Kinky Friedman at his best.

Ten Little New Yorkers by Kinky Friedman.

Texas Hold'Em is the title of one of the books by Kinky Friedman.

Will Kinky be the next Jewish Governor of Texas? In the meantime, check out his books.

Road Kill by Kinky Friedman.

The Mile High Club by Kinky Friedman.

Kinky for Governor? Will the people take him seriously? Kill two birds & Get Stoned is the title of one of his mystery novels.

God Bless John Wayne by Kinky Friedman.

Spanking Watson by Kinky Friedman.

Kinky Friedman: Why The Hell Not? Kinky Friedman's Music and Mystery Novel Titles

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Violet dress!

Quinceanera Dress

Modeling four wedding dresses.

A beautiful wedding dress for your taste.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Bestselling book on Quinceanera Celebration

Quinceanera Celebration: The Young Woman's Quinceanera Planning Guide. Do you know the history of Quinceanera? Do you know what it takes to organize the big party? How about the do's and don'ts of formal invitations to friends, family members and other important people in your life? This guide helps you celebrate, organize and prepare this once-in-a-lifetime event in your daughter's life. Purchase a copy only for $20. This price includes shipping and handling.

Price: $20.00. Use Paypal to pay! (Price includes shipping and handling in the USA)

Go to Quinceanera Dresses Shop to buy your copy!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Texas Lawmakers To Be Applauded: Cleaning Up Cheerleading Antics

Texas lawmakers frown upon "overtly sexually suggestive" cheerleading. They want more respectful type of dance moves that will elevate the female students. They wanted to make their point by waving pompons. These lawmakers who are either parents and grandparents are saying bye bye to these sexually suggestive moves. They don't want people to applaud these dance numbers any longer.

In the past few years, if you have been watching the cheerleading industry, you can notice that the more suggestive was the better. In competitions throughout the country, the uniforms have been shorter and showing more skin. It appears that parents and school districts turn their face around. Or they were rendered weak enough not to be able to intervene and intervene these types of performances which are supposed to win prizes. Talk to any cheerleading judges. They will tell you that it's time that a legislative body decides that little girls or young women can't copy the ladies of the NFL or NBA. Now that these lawmakers are strong enough to enact this law, they will take a look at the music and the clothing industry that go along.

"Girls can get out and do all of these overly sexually performances and we applaud them and that's not right," said Democratic Rep. Al Edwards, who filed the legislation.

Now, the school commissioner has a weapon to use in the fight against this invasion of pop culture. School children should not have been subjected to this type of filth any way. After they become adults, if they choose to engage in something like that, then it's their choice.

It remains to be seen whether the Texas senate and rep. governor will sign the bill. In the meantime, we may wonder whether other states such as California, New Mexico, Colorado etc. The rest of the country may take this Texas's lead. Is it too much to ask? The American Civil Liberties said that state law prohibits student lewdness on and/or near a school campus.

How many other states have the same law? All of them do, but it may not be enforced.

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